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This article was written on Aug 2012, and is filed under South America.

SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA: Beer & Super A Market / Food Star

Falls Church, VASuper A Market, also known as Magruder’s, in Falls Church, Virginia, has an impressive selection of South American beers. We had a South American beer tasting a few years ago and got a lot our beers like Quilmes (Argentine) and Antarctica (Brazilian) at Food Star Supermarket in Arlington, Virginia. However, Super A Market also has a large selection.

We found the following beers there when we visited, some we haven’t seen in the U.S. before:

  • Regia Extra Smooth Lager – El Salvador
  • Famosa (name for Gallor overseas) – Guatemala
  • Toña - Nicaragua
  • Cristal – Chile
  • Salva Vida – Honduras
  • Pacifico Clara – Mexico
  • Barena – Honduras


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  1. a
    August 21, 2013

    just a quick note, the Cristal pictured is the Peruvian beer, not the Chilean one of the same name, which I still have never seen in the US

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